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Sunday, September 26, 2010

US championship, Odgen Utah

was a hard race in this lovely area.
the weather was perfect, a bit fresh in the morning, but blue sky and nice temperature.

after a slow wetsuit swim I tried to catch up on the bike. I pushed hard and worked up to the 7th. on the run I was struggeling, passed Christine J., then she passed me, I passed Sara T. and finally finished 6th.
Melanie won, second Lesley, third Shonny, fourth Jenny, fith Christine.

this race was not the best one of the season.
but it was an important race for the us serie.
I'm very happy about my third place in the us serie.
1th Shonny, 2th Melanie, 4th Emma, 5th Christine.
more results;

Thanks for the great support I had while racing the us champs.
Jane Garrard, Andrew Pridgen, our neighbour Bill and a few more.
It was wonderful to see the us xterra family again, and I enjoyed the time very much.

hope to see you in Maui.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

US champs preparation in Park City

it's very good to be back here in Park City, staying and training with Emma G., Andrew P. and their dog Kip.
I love the area.
it's automn time here, fresh temperature in the morning, the colors of the trees very intensive, every day the nature is looking different,
wonderful to ride and run on the trails.
training with Emma is going very well. unfortunately she is not able to run at the moment, but swimming and riding together is great and so much easier to get through the hard sessions.
last Thursday we rode all the way down from Park City to Salt Lake City, yeah.
after that ride we did a hike with the Tuna kids (cross country skiers, coached by Emma).
I was impressed how fit these little kids are. Ben, a seven years old boy, was walking up the big hill super strong and specially downhill. I tried to keep up with him, and the result I have got the next day, muscle ache !
next Saturday the US Xterra champs are going on, in Odgen.
I'm looking forward to give my best, and to have a better race there than last year. my memories of it are painful. I had no time to acclimate. was suffering from the swim till the last meter of the run.
the course is super nice, also super hard, just going up, up, up!
Emma and I trained last Saturday on the course. it was perfect to have a seat on the nice lake after that, having picnic, watching the boats, dreaming of having great races.
more news; / utah.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Xterra Switzerland

Thanks to the Xterra Switzerland crew!
Great to see the smiling faces of the athlets and spectators.

I raced hard as possible, Marion passed me on the second lap of the run and won the race.
She was stronger and deserved the victory.
Third was Emma R. Smith.

Results and pics

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gerardmer, olympischer Triathlon

3800 startende triathleten in Gerardmer.
das war ein turbolentes weekend fuer die kleine elsaessische stadt, die im nordosten frankreichs liegt und zum Department Vosges gehoert.
kein problem fuer die familie Charbonnier, die das rennen sehr gut organisiert haben, sowie auch das diesjaehrige Xterra France.
leider hatte ich nicht ein optimales rennen, was ich nach meinem strengen trainingsblock auch nicht erwarten durfte.
bereits nach dem schwimmen kam ich ziemlich angeschlagen auf die Radstrecke. ich konnte nie ins renngeschehen eingreifen. kaempfte mit Magenproblemen und hatte weder druck auf den pedalen, noch einen guten laufrythmus.
beendete das rennen mit dem 7.rang.
marion lorblanchet hat das rennen souveraen gewonnen.
nun freue ich mich auf die premiere des xterra switzerland am kommenden weekend. obwohl mir die strecke nicht sehr entgegen kommt, werde ich mein bestes geben und ein extra-plus mehr fuer das heimrennen.

lieber gruss und bis bald in Prangis

Thursday, September 2, 2010

ciao ciao Villacidro

was a wonderful time with
two races and a lot of fun.
will see you next year!